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EAS's Objectives
  • Enhance export and inland trade of the country by establishing and implementing internationally recognized accreditation system and thereby causing issuance of internationally acceptable accreditation certificate for the goods and services of the country.
  • Play its role to ensure the public health, consumer safety ,environmental safety and fair market competition by providing competent accreditation service for CABs by using national and international standards.
  • Contribute its role to the efficiency and effectiveness of domestic decision to enhance acceptance and confidence in the general public.

EAS will offer accreditation services on a national basis, and international basis and enabling it to reach globally accepted Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRA) and Multi lateral Arrangement (MLA) on the validity of certificates/reports issued by their Laboratories, Inspection Bodies, Certification Bodies and other related services.

EAS’s accreditation of CABs will be achieved through five stages:

EAS’s accreditation of CABs will be achieved through five stages

EAS-Accreditation Process and Timeline Rules