Arrangement Members
AFRAC Arrangement Members are all independent accreditation bodies appointed or recognized by the government of the Member State or sub-regional block and legally established and operating in the African region that declares in their membership application that they are operating in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC guides and standards, the relevant international documents (ILAC and IAF) and the requirements of AFRAC.

Arrangement Members are accreditation bodies who have been peer-evaluated under applicable AFRAC procedures and found to comply by the MRA Council with the requirement for admission as a signatory to the AFRAC MRA.

The following Countries’ Accreditation Bodies are AFRAC Arrangement Members:
Source : #AFRAC Website

1. Ethiopia – ENAO
2. Egypt –Egyptian Accreditation Council
3. South Afrika — SANAS
4. Tunisia — TUNAC
5. Kenya
6. South African Development Community Accreditation Service(SADCAS)

AFRAC arrangement member